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All type of knowledge ultimately means self knowledge – Bruce Lee

Humans are the only thing on the planet with the capacity for reflection and creativity.  But why?  Where does this come from?

I’ve read a theory that creativity is an evolution of our ability to make predictions for the future.  Humans have never been the most physically dominant species on the planet.  Because we couldn’t chase down faster prey, we started developing an ability to predict where an animal might be based on our knowledge of its speed, stamina, etc.  And as this ability to predict and plan evolved, we grew to become the top of the food chain.

Which I believe leads to creativity and expression.  For a significant portion of people, we’ve conquered the necessities for living.  Most of us have roofs over our heads, enough food to eat and clothes to wear.  But what then?  Within our relative comforts, a question unknown to everything else on this planet arises.

Why are we here?

And so we arrive at art and religion.  We passed a certain threshold in understanding the world around us before we started going inwards.  Where that threshold was, I can’t begin to imagine.  But at some point, we started imagining gods or perhaps, God.  We started drawing pictures and thinking of stories to somehow explain things that we were becoming aware of and had no explanation for.  We started singing songs and drawing on cave walls because of an urge, a need to understand ourselves.

Because at some point, we realized that part of understanding the world, was understanding ourselves.


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