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The Guise of Dignity

Everyone goes through tragedy.  In every persons life, it’s a given that sooner or later, you will be faced with challenges that require immense choices to be made.  You will be changed.  You won’t have the same perspective or attitude as you did before.

And yet, there is a societal pressure for people to always seem ok.  I have only known big city life so perhaps this is a unique characteristic to big cities.  Everyone is expected to be independently strong, stoic and courageous in moments of despair.  Is this a learned behavior from a lack of responsibility to each other or is this a reaction because we’ve stopped caring?  If everyone is expected to deal with problems on their own, then we as a society don’t need to be burdened with helping each other right?  To each his/her own.

Perhaps that’s the problem.  Too much individualism.  Dignity, stoicism mistaken as reasons to isolate ourselves from one another.  Don’t bother anybody with my problems.  But society wasn’t built by people refusing to help one another.


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