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The Economy of Second Chances

I fail.  He fails.  She fails.  They fail.  It failed.

The supply of second chances is smaller than the supply of failures.  No wonder the overwhelming tendency is pessimism.  There aren’t enough second chances to go around.

The mayor of San Diego is being told to resign by more or less all of the San Diego Democratic Party.  He refuses.  What does he do to make up for his years of abusing power and sexual harassment?  He signs himself up for two weeks of “intensive therapy”.

When there’s a short supply and high demand, the supply goes to whoever has the most influence.  That unfortunately means that those with influence, will get more second chances.

But who has more influence over you than yourself?

All the great figures in history have long track records of recurring failure.  They are only truly remembered for a few things that they did in their lives.  But the success that finally came through after giving themselves another chance to try again was so big that it made the failures irrelevant, even rewarding.

There doesn’t have to be a short supply of second chances.  Especially not towards yourself.


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