It’s Always a Work In Progress

As I stumble along through the beginnings of this book, as the idea begins to grow and unfurl, I look forward more and more towards each opportunity I have to sit and write.  I’ve taken to heed the advice of continuously pushing forward through to finish the first draft and focus only on the big overarching plot points, saving refinement for later.  And as I push away the tendency and want to self edit along the path, I find that I’m much more in tune with the rhythm and mood of the story.  It’s causing me to focus on the big picture, specifically how to get to the ending.  And while riding the wave of events, I feel more aware of what sections need development because I’m allowing them to be there to be developed later.

Not seeking perfection, merely discovery and progress, is giving me more fulfillment and excitement in the work than ever before.  I can’t wait to get to the end so that I can go back and rediscover things in my own story.


A Straight Line of Communication

I’m currently in the beginning stages of writing my first novel.  I’ve written plays and short films before, but never a novel.  The format is so different, not being reliant on dialogue and actors to complete the storytelling.  The entire process is up to me, to tell the story from start to finish.  The paint on the wall, the smell, the feeling in the air is all up to me and whatever vocabulary I have.

It’s the most direct line of communication I’ve ever had with an audience.  My words have always been filtered through several channels of creative input before finally emerging into the world.  But here I am, just me and this story.  Nothing interpreted oddly from the wrong use of lighting or ineffectively communicated from lack of operational budget.  No filter.  Me to you.  Just the words and our imaginations.