What is the Value of a Life?

As the economy whimpers along

And the shares of major companies fluctuate every day;

As the middle class divides itself and moves into either the upper or lower,

With job wages falling on one end and rising on the other;

As people have more money to spend and less worthwhile things to spend it on,

And others work two jobs to not be homeless,

What is the value of a life?

When you work all year and make fifteen thousand,

And someone is willing to give you fifty thousand for your healthy heart,

What are you worth?

When you walk around, always distracted,

Until you can’t remember anything that isn’t digitally recorded,

What is your life really worth?

– Monte Tom


I had an idea for a post…

And took so long to make the blog, I can’t remember if I remember it…

Here’s what I remember, if I remember correctly…

I’m sitting in a room with shelves and shelves of books and magazines.  The table I’ve commandeered is shared with outlets and fixed table lamps.  In the surrounding area are people that I would never find anywhere else in my life.  People you might never find outside of a public tax funded institution.

I tend to find myself here more and more these days.  There’s something soothing to me knowing that there is no risk of having nothing to read.  I think about what Ben Franklin went through to install that first public library and how there seems to be no one in here that will ever contribute anything substantial to society.  I could be wrong.  But probably not.

Is this what good old Ben envisioned when he started that Philadelphia Library?  A large building filled with unbathed and unkept adults, reading the daily paper and flatulating in public like small children?

No, this is a generation of e readers, I remind myself, as I sit here on my e reader, next to a man with a Kris Kringle beard, blasting The Chipmunks theme song through his headphones.

A building filled with the greatest works the human mind has ever created and a strong possibility that no one is here to enjoy it.  Well, more for me I suppose.